Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Please note that there will be NO CHOIR PRACTICE this week on THURSDAY, 29 January AND FRIDAY, 30 January as our choir conductor is on medical leave.

As such, here are some instructions for students going for the MOE SG50 Youth Celebrate rehearsal.

1) Participating students are to submit their consent forms to Mrs Sheryl Toh on Thursday, 29 January. She will meet you after your respective assemblies in Music Room 2, or you can submit them to her locker (Locker 99), which is near the Staff Lounge in KRC, Level 2. 

2) Please note that the meeting time for this Saturday's rehearsal has been changed from 7.00 am to 7.30 am. Please gather at the Meeting Point.

3) Students are to be dressed in their PE attire. Girls are to wear their skirts as well.

4) Please bring along your music scores for rehearsal. 
    Other items to bring along are:
         - water bottle
         - a book to read
     Snacks will be provided by the Arts Education Branch for participants.