Saturday, 3 January 2015

Welcome Back!!

Dear parents/guardians,

Happy New Year! On behalf of my choir team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and your child/ ward to the Nanyang Primary Choir Family.

Teachers-in-Charge:I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you my team of Choir teachers:
Mdm Joyce Ang, our Vice CCA Head, Mdm Li Zi as well as Ms Sheryl Toh.

Besides these experienced teachers, the Choir also has the privilege of engaging Mrs Kwek-Puah Hwee Khee as our conductor. She has many years of experience in conducting choirs and achieving good results in SYF and International music festivals. 

In addition, the Choir would also like to acknowledge a number of supportive parents who went the extra mile to help the choir teachers and the students in outings, performances as well as competitions.
1) You will be able to find updates of the Choir in the Choir blog below:

At the beginning of the year, the CCA teachers would like you to have some information about the Choir.

CCA Policy Guidelines:

All our Choir teachers will be happy to answer any queries you have and their email addresses are as follows:

Ms Mavis Tan:

Mdm Joyce Ang:

Mdm Li Zi:

Ms Sheryl Toh:

Do check the blog for communication purposes.

2) As CCA is a core curricular activity, all members will need to attend all practices. Member will need to submit medical certification or inform the CCA teacher with a parent’s letter that states the reason of absence.

3) All members will need to have a minimum of 80% attendance achieved for the year to qualify as a member.

4) Eligibility to take part in SYF is purely on selection basis. Members who are selected to take part in SYF must attain a minimal 90% attendance of the total number of practices from January to end March. Teachers will take into consideration of the member’s attendance and attitude when they need to give feedback or report to the Form Teacher.

5) For Choir, members need to pay 50% of the total cost of the costumes and 100% for the Mary Jane shoes (for girls only). They will keep the costumes with them.

Please feel free to clarify with any of the choir teachers should you have any doubt.

May your child have an enjoyable and fruitful year in Choir! 

Thanks and Best Regards,

Mavis Tan
Subject Head, Music
Performing Arts CCA Advisor