Sunday, 16 August 2015

Auditions for Crazy Christmas

Dear Parents,

I have spoken to your children about their commitment levels for the concert and expected behaviour for their successful participation of the event. 
And since almost ALL of them want to be involved, I have no choice but call for an audition. 
The audition process will be as follows:

1) those who have participated in Youth Celebrate! will sing the medley along with choreography
2) those who have not participated will perform 2 pieces - one fast and one slow. The fast piece can be a favourite or familiar pop song with their own choreography/ actions, while singing to a recording of the song. However, your child needs to be clearly audible, singing the lyrics clearly. 

As there will not be choir rehearsals this week because of PSLE Oral on Thursday and Friday, we will hold the auditions probably next week. 

Please watch this space for details. 
Thank you! 
(Mdm) Joyce Ang