Sunday, 16 August 2015

Crazy Christmas with the Dim Sum Dollies!

Dear parents,

I think you must all have heard from your children by now that we had a special guest visiting us during our choir rehearsal last Friday, and she is none other than Ms Selena Tan from Dream Academy, head Dim Sum Dolly herself and the writer/ producer/ director of a string of shows that her company presents annually.

We are indeed honoured to be selected to perform alongside her and the talented cast of Crazy Christmas, which will run at the Esplanade from the 10-19 December, 2015.
Details can be found here:

However, after further discussions with her and her producer, there is a fixed number of choir members that they want in the show. As such, we now have to audition our choristers and also to make sure that your child and yourselves are able to commit to the schedule given, as there are crucial dates that require your child's attendance.

There is also a CIP element to this project and that is the cast and choir will be visiting one or two old folks' homes before the show opens on 10th December, bringing cheer and joy to our elders during the Yuletide season.

Please discuss these following criteria with your child before they resoundingly agree to perform in the concert:

a) your child is expected to sing 'live' on stage and not lip sync to a minus one - pitching is thus crucial, but there will be training provided

b) your child is rather expressive in terms of his/her gestures and is willing to dance and act

c) be able to commit to these dates for rehearsals:

- 19 - 22 October 2015 (Monday to Thursday) - morning (2 - 3 hours)
(bearing in mind that P3s and above have to sit for SA2 in the subsequent 2 weeks to follow

- 6 rehearsals during 9 - 20 November 2015 (Monday to Friday) - rehearsal dates to be confirmed

1 - 5 December 2015 (Tuesday to Saturday) - Sitzprobe/ Combined Rehearsal/ Full Dress Rehearsal : timing to be confirmed

- 8 December - 9 December - Technical Rehearsal/ Full Dress Rehearsal - 4pm - 10pm - Venue: Esplanade Theatre

- 10 December - Full Dress Rehearsal/ Opening Night (Show #1) - 1pm - 11pm 
- Venue: Esplanade Theatre

11 December - Show #2 - 5pm - 11pm

12 December - Show #3 & Show #4 - 12pm - 11pm

13 December - Show #5 - 5pm - 11pm

15 December - Show #6 - 5pm - 11pm

16 December - Show #7 - 5pm - 11pm 

17 December - Show #8 - 5pm - 11pm 

18 December - Show #9 - 5pm - 11pm

19 December - Show #10 - 5pm - 11pm

Each child will also be given 2 complimentary tickets and an honorarium of $150.

We fully understand the huge commitment that you and your child have to undertake but as you can imagine, opportunities like this do not come very often. With Youth Celebrate!, many of your children have grown and matured quite a bit. They learnt to problem solve, be a bit more resilient and learn to work together as a team. We hope that providing this opportunity to them, it will enrich their lives further and provide a precious insight into the whole production process of how a musical is brought to life on stage. 

I will talk to the choir tomorrow morning after morning assembly and tell them what I've shared with you here, and also to talk to them about the audition process.

Please feel free to email me should you have any queries:

Thank you for your kind attention!
(Mdm) Joyce Ang