Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Youth Celebrate! 26th July 2015 Pictures and videos

Dear parents/guardian,

On behalf of all the choir teachers, a BIG BIG thank you to all of you who made this holistic learning possible for your child. This morning, the choir teachers met all the choir members and we wanted them to appreciate the opportunity that they were being given. It was an honour to represent the school to perform at this national event. It was a memorable moment that marked the opening of our country's Sports Hub. As shared with the children today, besides the performance, the most heartfelt moments are the ones that are totally unrehearsed and it came from the hearts.

We were gratified to see our pupils responded to the kindness shown by the Secondary schools pupils. Thanking the seniors when they opened the doors for them and helped them whenever necessary. Spearheaded by some P3 pupils, they made little paper flower and souvenirs to the big brothers and sisters who fanned them when they were feeling hot after long hours of standing at the performance ground. Our pupils took the initiative to pick up litters (not only for their own school but other schools as well). We were also happy to see that our P5 pupils took the lead to help the younger ones in their makeup and stepped up to help them in whichever ways they could. Pupils learnt to clear their food waste and stacked up the plastic bento sets to reduce the use of plastic rubbish bags. Everyone has a part to play in saving the environment.

Sharing with you these unforgettable moments:

Near to 1000 people in Hall 1 at OCBC Arena

                                                 Mdm Ang doing makeup for us and the P5s
                                                 learnt and helped. :)

                                                Learning the actions. Singing Hall of Fame
                                                Welcome our Prime Minister

                                              Very impressive! All Singapore schools' crest
                                              What a coincidence! The Sec school student
                                              that carried the school crest is our alumna.
                                                         Her name is called Felicia.

                                                   Its been many long nights of rehearsals...

                                                               Taking initiative to help...

                                                 A good 80 Nanyang audience to support
                                         the performance. Nice to see them with Nanyang flag.

      Spend time reading. Teachers prepare
                                                       NTUC bags so that its easier for us
                                                       to carry our poms poms and sashes.


It is an honour to be selected to perform 
for this historical moment 
We hope for a brighter SG 100!

Time to go home. Dismissing 4000 performers.
All of us move orderly to our holding areas and buses


Teachers made good use of our time. We practiced while
waiting for our buses

Well done Choir!! Hip hip hooray!!!

Mavis Tan
NYPS Choir 2015