Saturday, 25 July 2015

Pictures and videos of rehearsals

Dear members,

Sharing with you:


Pupils fanning each other

In appreciation, our choir members made something for the Pasir Ris Secondary School students

Rehearsal Video 1:

Rehearsal Video 2:

NYPS Choir at Arena Hall, Holding Area

We cleared our food waste and stacked up the plastic bento sets to save up space in the rubbish bags. In this way, we helped to reduce the use of rubbish bags and play our little part to help the environment. :) Thanks Mdm Ang for teaching us that!

While waiting, we sing Founders' Day songs. 

Road Closure on 26th July 2015

I hope everyone can get a good rest! Sleep early tonight!

Warm Regards,
Mavis Tan
NYPS Choir 2015