Saturday, 4 July 2015

Choir Matters (Important)

Dear members,

Below are the updates on Choir:

1) From 20th July to 24th July, we are required to rehearse. The Choir teachers will send an email to all the teachers in school to notify them on your commitment. Please alert your subject teachers and get homework from them. The choir teachers will allow you to bring your homework during rehearsals to do. We will help the pupils if there's any difficulties in your academic work.

2) We will cancel the choir practices in week 3 and week 5. This is to allow our members to have ample rest and to cope with their work in school.

3) As mentioned in the last Choir practice, we welcome Mrs Alison Loo to join the Choir. Mrs Loo had been with NYPS Choir for a number of years and she has wealth of experiences with schools' choirs. We welcome Mrs Loo in our Choir family! :)

Mdm Joyce Ang is the new CCA Head for Choir.

Below are the contact addresses of the teachers:

Mdm Joyce Ang (CCA Head):
Mrs Alison Loo (Vice CCA Head):
Mdm Li Zi:
Mdm Sherrly Toh:

I wish all of you a fruitful and enjoyable years in NYPS Choir!

Mavis Tan
HOD Aesthetics/ Performing Arts Advisor