Sunday, 18 October 2015

Logistics to note for dropping off and picking up - PSLE Marking days

Dear parents,

Here are a few points to note for the next 4 days for those who are involved in the Crazy Christmas rehearsals:

1) Nanyang Kindergarten is still functioning on these days as per normal, so we need to be mindful of their arrival and dismissal times as well.

Choir members' arrival on Monday and Tuesday 
- you can only drop off your child/ward AFTER 8.15 am 
- should they come early (before 8.20 am), please ask them to report to the CRC Staff Room on 
Level 3. They are not to wander anywhere else in their own. 

Choir members' departure on Monday and Tuesday
- as the bus is expected to arrive at NYPS CRC around 1 pm, our Operations Manager (OM) would appreciate that you come and pick up your child/ ward from 1.10 pm onwards, as you would not be allowed to come into the school compound to wait. 
We suggest that you park around Kingsmead Road or Princess of Wales Road and then come in person to the Guard Post at CRC to pick up your child. Mr Gao and I will be there with your children until you come to pick them up. 

Choir members' arrival on Wednesday and Thursday
- it's less complicated on these days as there is no clash with the kindergarteners' arrival. We will see the choir members at 9.30 am. 
- should they come earlier, please get them to tell me on Monday or Tuesday so that I can make arrangements for them to wait comfortably in one of the meeting rooms in CRC. 

Choir members' departure on Wednesday and Thursday
- we will also adhere to the same arrangement as per my OM's request. 
Please come slightly later than our stipulated time of 12.45 pm, so that we can clear the bus first before you come to pick the children up. 

2) Please make sure that your child/ ward come in their school uniform and shoes. 

3) Please also make sure that your child/ ward submit their consent forms and information sheet to me tomorrow, Monday, if they haven't already done so. I will not be able to take them along with me if I don't have your written consent. 

4) Once I've collected all your contact details, I will organize a communication channel via Class Dojo. Please activate your account or download the app once I've given you an activation code. 

5) As always, please pack a face mask for your child as the haze situation is still quite unpredictable. 

Thank you for your kind attention.