Thursday, 29 October 2015

Updates for Crazy Christmas

Dear parents,
It was really lovely to hear from some of you via Class Dojo and I'm really happy that the take up rate is quite high. Thank you all for signing up.

Here are a few updates where the next rehearsal is concerned.

Your child would have received a consent form from me if they attended choir practice today. Please get them to return these as soon as they can.
We will meet the Dream Academy team next Tuesday, 3 November, from 12 noon till 3 pm at their premises in Henderson Road.
Your child will be let off from class at 11.00 am for an early lunch and the bus will come to pick us up at 11.30 am from KRC.
The first 2 hours will be spent on choreography and movement and the last hour to practice their singing. We should be back in school by 3.30 pm at KRC Gate A/ Meeting Point. 
Please get your child to bring along a snack should they get overly hungry. On our (school/ Dream Academy) side, we will provide some biscuits and buns.

Another thing to note is that your child will be wearing the school's choir uniform for the performance. We will outfit those who don't have their uniforms yet tomorrow. In the meanwhile, the girls are to make sure that they can still wear their black Mary Jane shoes with white socks and the boys are to wear black shoes with white socks. We can arrange for your child to buy black Mary Jane shoes from our supplier, but I am not sure how small or large the sizing can be. Please get your child to see me if they have any queries about this. The boys will have to get their own from places like Bata.

I am also pleased to tell you that there are no more rehearsals for Crazy Christmas until 30 Nov/ 1 Dec. I will issue consent forms before school closes for the year on 18 Nov.

I am also chasing the in-charge for ticketing about your queries regarding purchase of extra tickets. We ALL want to buy more than the 2 allocated to us. I can assure you that they are working on the details and I will get back to you really soon.

Thank you all!