Monday, 16 November 2015

Important notices for Choir CCA

Dear members,

Here are a few things to note for Prize Giving Ceremony and rehearsals during the school holidays. Please read carefully:

Prize Giving Ceremony Rehearsal on Wednesday, 18 November
Please note that we will be meeting Mrs Kwek for a quick rehearsal in the hall from 10.30 am to 11.00 am.

Prize Giving Ceremony on Thursday, 19 November
1. Reporting time is at 7.00 am in Music Room 2
2. Please come with your hair neatly tied. We will provide red ribbons for the girls with long hair.
3. Please apply some light make-up and foundation on your face before you come to school. It will also be good if you can apply BLUE eyeshadow on your eyelids, if you have them. If not, we will help you out when you come.
4. You must wear your choir uniform, white socks and black shoes. If you don't have your Mary Jane shoes (girls), you can buy them at Bata or Yue Hwa (Chinatown and Jurong Point) for now. Boys can wear the black version of school shoes (which can be purchased at Bata) for this concert.
5. Please make sure that you have a good breakfast before you come. If you can't eat breakfast so early in the morning, please make sure that you bring along a light snack to munch as and when you can.
6. Our performance time is about 20 min after the commencement of the ceremonies, after the Principal's and Guest-of-Honour speeches. The Prize Giving Ceremonies are at 8.00 am (P1-3) and 10.30 am (P4 and 5).
7. You can leave at about 11.15 am after the 2nd session.

Parents who can volunteer to help out with hair and makeup, please email me directly at
Thank you in advance.

Choir rehearsal during school holidays
Please note that there is a change in rehearsal dates.
We only have rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday (23 and 24 November) and the session on Wednesday (25 November) is CANCELLED.

Rehearsal time is 9.30 am to 12.30 pm in Music Room 2.
Please bring along your own snacks and drinks should you get hungry.